The Application Process

Thank you for your interest in the Episcopal School of Los Angeles! We know the admissions season can often be a little stressful, a little daunting, but we hope students find our application process enjoyable—we hope they feel inspired to be both creative and reflective—and we’re here to support families every step of the way.

Ours is a small, vibrant community, and we hope to maintain its cohesiveness even as we grow in numbers. ESLA is a place that fosters relationships between students and faculty from dramatically different backgrounds—relationships built on a foundation of openness, curiosity, and sincere respect for one another. With that in mind, we look for students who are driven, thoughtful, and generous—students who are excited to come to school every day, students who are inspired to help us pioneer our programs, and students who are eager to learn from and support their peers. We value exceptional academic achievement as much as we value students who show the potential to flourish in our environment and support our community as it expands. We want students who will build this place, and one another, up to the very best they can be.

The online Application:

Students and families should begin the application process by completing an online inquiry form here.

They will then receive a password and username via email that they can use to complete our online application here.

Parents or guardians should help fill out all the nuts-and-bolts information, and students should then complete the “Student Questionnaire,” which consists of five short-answer questions and one slightly longer essay. Students should compose their answers to these questions in a separate document, then copy and paste the text into the online application. Otherwise, they risk losing their work!


The “Forms” page on the online application provides links to five important documents: three letters of recommendation (one from an administrator, one from an English teacher, and one from a math teacher), a transcript release form, and an application fee form / request for waiver. To make the application process as easy as possible, ESLA uses the common forms provided by the Consortium of Secondary School Admissions Directors (CSSAD), which means that any school in the Consortium will accept the same forms we require.

Instructions on how to handle these documents are available on the online application, and you may also access the forms through the links below:

  1. English Teacher Recommendation
  2. Math Teacher Recommendation
  3. Administrator Recommendation
  4. Transcript Release Form
  5. Application Fee Form

ISEE test scores:

ESLA accepts ISEE test scores, but this is no longer a strictly required part of the application process. Test scores can certainly provide useful information to both schools and families, and in general we would appreciate receiving a student’s scores if they are available. We provide after-school ISEE test prep at our schoolhouse, free and open to the public, and we encourage prospective students to take advantage of this resource.

At the same time, we understand that standardized testing is biased in many ways, and the entire test process may present an undue burden for some of our applicant families.

If you would like to submit scores, our ISEE member code is 570278. The ISEE is a national standardized test administered by the ERB. ESLA does not administer or provide the test. Please visit the ERB website for information about test registration.

Due Friday, January 19, 2018:

  • Completed online application
  • Letters of recommendation from administrator, English teacher, and math teacher
  • Full student transcript from student’s current school
  • Application fee of $100 (or a simple request for a waiver)
  • ISEE test scores (optional)

If a family is applying for financial aid, this application is also due by January 19, 2017. For more information, please visit our financial aid page.


Often the admissions committee will invite families to our schoolhouse to conduct an in-person interview. We do our absolute best to interview each and every applicant, and we consider this a vital part of the application process, though given the dramatic increase in application numbers over the past years, we cannot guarantee that every applicant receives an interview.

Invitations are sent out via email only after a majority of a student’s application materials have been received. 

Shadow days:

ESLA is able to offer a limited number of applicants the opportunity to conduct a shadow day, during which they will be paired with a current ESLA student and follow her or him through a normal day or half-day of classes.

We would prefer to reserve shadow days for students who really need the experience to feel comfortable and confident about applying—students, for instance, who are completely new to the independent school world, who don’t have strong connections to ESLA, or who haven’t had a chance to visit ESLA’s campus before. If your student is already familiar with ESLA and feels confident about applying, please do not feel like you need to request a shadow day in order to demonstrate further interest. If, however, you think your student would benefit from a shadow day, we would be delighted to arrange one.

To request a shadow day, simply email our Administrative Coordinator, Steph Zalin, at In your request, please include:

  1. Your student’s name, current school, and current grade.
  2. At least three options of days that work well for your student, and whether you prefer a full day or half day.
  3. Emergency contact information.
  4. Any dietary restrictions our kitchen should know about.


All decisions will be sent via email. ESLA is a member of the Consortium of Secondary School Admissions Directors (CSSAD). In order to minimize timing dilemmas for applicant families, member schools have agreed to these common notification and reply dates, as well as best practices, for fall 2018 admission:  

Grades 9-12:
Notification emails will be sent on Friday, March 9, at 5:00 p.m.
Replies will be due on Tuesday, March 20.

Grades 6-8:
Notification emails will be sent on Friday, March 16, at 5:00 p.m.
Replies will be due on Monday, March 26.

  • Once notifications have been sent, schools will not initiate visits, whether for individuals or groups (e.g., through open houses).
  • We are mindful of the disruption to students’ education in their current schools that additional visits to prospective schools can cause, so we do not encourage such visits. However, schools that receive requests for newly admitted students and/or parents may grant those requests at their discretion.
  • No applicant or applicant family will be contacted by any representative of the school once admissions notification begins. Of course, admitted students and their parents are welcome to contact schools to have questions answered. 

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at