The councils of the school develop public leadership skills including the ability to communicate confidently, set goals, and enlist the help of others. Each council is student-led, has a distinct mission, and highlights two of ESLA’s eight virtues. This allows students to consider their personal talents and the best ways to use them. It also allows students the freedom to create meaningful programs that advance the mission of the school. 

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Members of the Honor Council educate the school community about the nature and function of the Honor Code. When violations of the Honor Code occur, the Honor Council convenes to hear such cases and to recommend appropriate responses to the Head of School.


The Academic Council takes a leadership role in the weekly Commons. The council also hosts spring elections and other events that tend to the life of the school. Finally, members of the council provide input to the faculty regarding academic studies including topics covered, electives offered, and ways to incorporate the annual theme into the classroom.


The Vestry takes a leadership role in chapel. They open each service, plan special services, and invite speakers. The Vestry also creates the schedule for readers, acolytes and student chapel speakers. Vestry members serve as stewards of the chapel and work to make it an inspiring experience for the whole community.


The Service Council identifies needs, both locally and globally, that ESLA students can address in a meaningful and sustainable way. They find creative ways to raise awareness about special topics and organize service activities and trips. 


Members of the CLC plan and carry out recreational activities and events that bring the school community together. This may include outings, dances, barbecues, competitions, and events to support ESLA athletics. This council also helps develop and sustain the traditions of the school. Finally, council members identity and support their peers who need help or encouragement including new and younger students.